The International
School of Storytelling

Arthur Gardner-Dyer

Arthur is a graduate of the International School of Storytelling and has been running introductory courses on the ‘Art of Storytelling’ for the last five years.  When living in Brighton, he worked as part of The Brighton Storytellers collective, hosting and performing regularly at club nights in a variety of venues. 

Arthur has a particular interest in integrating story into daily life: at work, at home and within communities.  He likes to explore the ‘shape-shifting’ quality of story, bringing it to a wide range of contexts: forest school by the fire, ceremonial occasions, assemblies and community festivals, as well as more informal occasions. 

Arthur is excited by the interaction between movement, nature and story, how they can inform and enrich one another.  He teaches Games and Sport at Michael Hall School, using story and imaginative pictures to inspire movement in children aged 9-18 years.  Working outdoors and in Forest School settings, he works with Stories, often as bridges to imaginative play, inviting children and adults to connect with nature in many ways: through the senses, craft, empathic animal games, puppetry and poetry.