The International
School of Storytelling

Julie Neale

Julie Neale is a Storyteller, Therapeutic Arts Counsellor, Workshop Leader and Teacher.

In 2003, she studied the Heart and Craft of the Storyteller, a intensive 3 month training at the International School of Storytelling.  Julie's previous experience is in teaching both to primary and secondary children.  Julie now works as a teacher trainer, mentor and advisor as well as delivering storytelling workshops in schools to pupils and to teachers.  Julie has enriched her storytelling by attending courses such as “Storytelling in Education” and “The Storyteller at play”. She teaches storytelling skills to teachers on the London Steiner/Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar and has carried the storytelling for children course "In a Land Far Far Away" at the International School of Storytelling since 2014.  Julie has co-carried the six week storytelling to children course "The Right Story at the Right Time" 2013 & 2014.  In 2017 Julie has taken her storytelling further afar, running storytelling workshops in Cairo, Egypt and Stockholm.

In addition to her regular storytelling with children, she has performed stories to adults and teenagers working with the festivals throughout the year. Julie is particularly interested in initiation stories for young men and women.  She is a qualified Therapeutic Arts Counsellor and is currently studying for a Masters Degree in Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, researching the use of storytelling and other art forms to help children cope with loss, trauma or difficult periods in their lives. She recently worked on a project for the Barnardo's charity bringing storytelling to children in disadvantaged circumstances and currently works as a volunteer for a children’s charity in Birmingham, offering a counselling service to vulnerable children. Julie has used art, music and stories to work with autistic children and those with social difficulties.

She also particularly enjoys working with adults and encouraging them to find their own inner playfulness and unique gifts in telling stories.

In 2017 Julie will be running two week long courses for the International School of Storytelling – In a Land Far Far Away and In a Land Beyond.  The latter looking at how storytelling can be used as a healing art when working with children and young people.