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School of Storytelling

Daniel Yabsley

Daniel initially trained in geology and marine science at Bangor and Plymouth universities. He has travelled extensively, gaining experience in contrasting lands and people. Having also worked in mental health support work and as a personal care assistant, he deepened his understanding and empathy of human diversity. During this time he also spent time working on the land, volunteering at various organic working farms and small holdings. This inspired the desire to connect with nature on a deeper personal level, leading to undertaking the Trackways year course in primitive survival skills - a one weekend a month training culminating in a survival quest in the Pyrenees. He is also a graduate of the Art of Mentoring programmes, an annual week long experience in deep nature connection and cultural regeneration.  Through this he has been providing one-to-one mentoring over the past few years as well as being a facilitator on the Cultivating Curiosity Forest School programme. 

In this fast paced, technological modern age, many people are feeling overwhelmed and are looking to rekindle a sense of connection to nature.  There is a growing interest in bush craft, outdoor education and Forest Schools reflecting this realisation across the ages, from small children to adults.