The International
School of Storytelling

David Confino

  David left school without distinguishing himself and embarked on a path that led to a long walk through West Africa.

14 years ago he became one of the founding members of Mango Communities CIC. Here he enjoys working with individuals and groups in shared action based on recognition and acceptance of each participant’s integrity. His engagements promote this by gently exploring preconceptions, entrenched habits and established thinking patterns.

He uses council, coaching and story telling techniques based in participatory experiences to facilitate the acceptance of self, recognition of personal power and through that, the release of defences and acceptance of others.  

David is dedicated to trying to live within these ideas and knows the road that falls from grace and the relief of the return. His two boys, now young men, may tell a different story!

David was awarded his ACSTH certificate of Coaching Skills in 2007, completed the “Eloquence of the Body” and the “Now of Storytelling” at Emerson College in 2008 and has studied The way of Council with Gigi Coyle and somatic therapy with Mike Lousada.