The International
School of Storytelling

Is this for me?

Whether an experienced teller or a beginner to the art, everyone is welcome here.

Over the years, so many diverse people from farmers to firemen, parents to policemen, librarians to lawyers as well as teachers, doctors, community workers, business people, nurses and nuns have studied with us, and all for different reasons, but if the answer to one of the following is yes, then you've probably found the right place:

If you wish to attend a course but are prevented for financial reasons, please contact us as early as possible to see if we can offer any assistance. To apply for a discount, please download and complete the discount application form. Please send this to  BEFORE you have booked on line. When the terms are agreed upon between us, you immediately need to book and pay your deposit to confirm your acceptance. Submission of the discount application form does not guarentee that a discount will be awarded, however serious consideration will be given to all such requests.

If you are applying for a discount for the Heart and Craft of the Storyteller, please note your course application form must be submitted at the same time as your discount application form.

If you would like to book a course in England and are not a European citizen, please email  about UK immigration rules.
The International School of Storytelling is an independent Charity  based on the Emerson College Campus. Unlike Emerson College we are not a tier 4 organisation and therefore we regret that we cannot accept anyone without an EU passport on courses longer than 6 weeks. Occasionally we run courses in different locations around the world where visa regulations are not so restrictive. Please email  for further information