The International
School of Storytelling

What the I can see – portraiture and autobiographical storytelling

Exploring the discipline of classical portraiture alongside telling stories from our own lives we will refine and expand our ability to see ourselves and the world.

  Here is an invitation for you to start the New Year with some fresh colours in a fun, challenging and meaningful artistic adventure.

At the heart of this journey we will study portraiture by painting a self-portrait. Exploring the many shades and colours of ourselves we will accompany this work with sharing some of our autobiographical experiences and stories with each other, reflecting on, playing with and expanding how we see ourselves and the world. Through struggles we get to know ourselves better and through knowing ourselves better we get to know the world better.  What do we see? What do we miss? How do I move forward when I don’t know what to do? Allowing the discipline of classical portraiture to bring up questions that are ubiquitous within any pursuit of self- knowledge, we will refine our ability to see.

Bring some photos of yourself to work with, don’t worry too much about the quality, even mediocre photos can become exquisite paintings!! We welcome all kinds of creative spirits but No previous experience with storytelling and /or painting is needed.

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