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School of Storytelling

Walking the Wildwoods

Wildwoods is a three year part time course with four one week residential courses, which will introduce you to a new way of thinking about stories and your approach to them. We will walk with the Druts’yla tradition, identify key points of the midrash and learn how stories are held, unpeeled, understood and internalised on a practical and holistic level.


Walking the Wild Woods

You can learn more about Shonaleigh and the Drutsyla tradition on her website.

The following topics will be covered each year

Year One

Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary

Understanding the Root of a Tale

The beginning of the path
Unearthing the root/route
The significance of landscape and metaphor
Origins and Understanding of Myth and Wonder tale
Physical puzzles and cerebral riddles
Visualization, language and kinaesthetic learning
Introduction and step one of the Midrash

Year Two

Finding the Ordinary In The Extraordinary

Bark and Branch

Vocal technique
Moving from the cerebral landscape  to the physical and the bridges in between
Methods of approaching story and research techniques
Walking the story and passing it on
Remembering to think outside the box
Application of Language in different work related environments
Step two of the Midrash

Year Three

Bridging The Worlds

Bud and Bloom

Midrash technique, the deconstruction and reassembling the story to enable both storyteller and audience/participant to connect with various view points.
Five view points, fifteen questions, multiple riddles
Moving from the cerebral landscape  to the physical and the bridges in between
Working with story within the practitioners chosen field. i.e. education, community projects, library services, health, and performance.

In addition there are regular quests and tasks to be completed throughout the year and which form an intrinsic part of the training.
The course is by invitation or application ONLY.

Shonaleigh is happy to discuss your application if you have questions or would like further details before applying. Please email to find out more.

You need to have a regular creative practice and are advised to take a course with Shonaleigh before applying. Word Dancing: Creative Writing and Storytelling is particularly recommended. 

This course is the first of four 1 week residential courses. This course will take place at Emerson College. Please book accommodation and meals at Emerson College directly by using their online booking system, at the following link Scroll down to find your course and you will be able to find all the options and prices and make a booking. The accommodation costs are NOT INCLUDED in our tuition fee.

** There will be an informal chat and nibbles session at Emerson College on Sunday August 19th, 7.30pm - open to all course guests. Please indicate on your application form if you would like to attend this get together!**