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Aphrodite and Hephaestos

In Greek mythology Hephaestos, the crippled God of craft and metalwork and Aphrodite, the all-powerful Goddess of love, are husband and wife. Join us in exploring their separate stories and the paradox of their marriage, with particular reference to the dynamics of gender.

In Greek mythology, Hephaestos, the crippled God of craft and metalwork, and Aphrodite, the all-powerful Goddess of love, are husband and wife. Although Aphrodite has many children, none of them are by Hephaestos. It is one of the most unlikely couplings. In this workship we will be exploring the separate stories of these two deities and the paradox of their marriage.

Course members will become participants in a retelling of these ancient and resonant tales. There will be plenty of time for discussion and play. We will explore how myth resonates with the issues of today, with particular reference to the dynamics of gender.

For participants, some knowledge of Greek Myths and some storytelling experience will be useful, but not essential.

On the Saturday evening, Hugh Lupton and Helen Chadwick will perform 'Aphrodite and the Gods of Love'. Helen will also participate in the workshop on Sunday morning.

Hugh Lupton is world renowned as a storyteller and lyricist, specialising n British and Classical mythology. Hugh's interest in traditional music, in street theatre, in live poetry, and in myth, resulted in him becoming a professional storyteller in 1981 (there were perhaps half a dozen in Britain at this time), working largely in schools. Hugh Lupton has performed in venues from Norway to New York, and throughout the UK, including The Barbican Centre, The Royal National Theatre, and The British Museum. In 2006, Hugh and Daniel Morden received the Classical Association Award for 'the most significant contribution to the public understanding of the Classics'.

His work with Daniel Morden on the Greek epics (The Illiad, The Odyssey, Metamorphoses, and Icarus) has received wide acclaim. The Times described their performances follows: "A performance that is moving, passionate, vital... Praise be to Lupton and Morden who made the Gods live... They took The Odyssey and The Illiad back to their roots and into the 21st century".

Stella Kassati is a storyteller and skilled workshop facilitator. Her passion is helping ople of all ages connect with the origins of modern life through Ancient Greece, the cradle of western civilisation. Using her deep knowledge of Greek Myths, Gods, and Goddesses, coupled with a strong connection to her native Crete, Stella leads workshops and award winning performances that bring the rich heritage of this ancient culture to life.

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