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School of Storytelling

Begin it Now!

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to tell a traditional story...

.... if you’ve ever thought “I could never remember all that”, if you’ve ever worried about standing up in front of an audience to speak, then this could be just the course for you. By the end of the weekend you’ll have a traditional story under your belt, gained confidence in speaking in front of others and go away with some hot tips on how best to tell a story. All this will take place in a supportive atmosphere with plenty of fun to allow you to unfold your natural creativity and begin storytelling now!

The "Begin it Now!" courses are the recommended first step into Storytelling and other courses at the School. They are a requirement for a number of courses.

19th  - 21st January with Roi Gal-Or

23rd - 25th February with Ashley Ramsden

22nd - 24th June with Danyah Miller (specifically with children in mind - click here to book

You are advised to book your accommodation at the time of booking your course, as there is limited availability and it is offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note: The cost of accommodation and meals are NOT included in our workshop fee.

It may be possible to book accommodation or to camp at Emerson College during your course. You can also book meals. You are advised to book your accommodation at the time of booking your course, as there is limited availability and it is offered on a first come, first serve basis. Please book with Emerson directly using their online booking system: . Click the heading BOOK NOW, scroll down to find your course and you will find the availability, options, and prices for the weekend. You can also call Emerson for a list of local accommodation +44 (0) 1342 822 238.

If you prefer accommodation in the village of Forest Row, (20-25 minute walk), please email  for a list of available accommodation.

Some feedback:

I remember how nervous I felt when I arrived for the Begin it Now course in Oct 2012, but I also remember how Roi immediately put myself and all the group at ease on the first night and how quickly we all got to know each other and to start working with stories. Indeed, by the time we went to bed we had a story to read before sleep and to work with for the rest of the weekend. Looking back I am amazed how much story work we did on the Saturday through gentle exercises, always under the safe guidance from Roi . The stories began to weave together in our groups, the storytelling hut was full of laughter. I remember listening to stories from Roi and having the feeling I was in the presence of a real teacher, who not only understood his subject but had a way of being intuitive to the needs and different approaches for all those on the course. Sunday came all too quickly and looking back, how amazing that in groups so many novice tellers had already learnt the basic tools of the art of storytelling. I remember having the most wonderful time telling my first ever story, despite my nerves and the feedback from the Roi and the audience was offered in such a positive encouraging way that, well, …to cut a long story short I now call myself Bluebird the Storyteller…..Thanks Roi.

Janet Goring

I enjoyed every minute and I thought Roi was a brilliant teacher! Very playful and easy and he helped us to connect with a deep part of ourselves and with each other. I loved the spiritual aspect as well as the playfulness. Definitely hooked!
- Sara Hadi

This workshop was a heart warming retreat and a perfectly led initiation into the magical world of Storytelling. Roi has an amazing presence and is a great teacher who managed to enchant us, or better yet, to awake us into storytellers that we are. In the safe environment and in the safe hands of Roi we went through practical excercises, playfull and deep, to realise at the end, that we now can tell a story. And so it begun…! 

- Špela Kaplja

Thank you so much for such a nourishing and fun weekend.  I learned a lot and enjoyed it immensely.
 - Julia Vivian, UK. 

I was very impressed with the structure of such a short course and the wonderful teacher we had.
- Biba Leach

Brilliantly taught- a very friendly, effective approach, unintimidating. I learnt a lot.
- Anna Meynell