The International
School of Storytelling

Begin It Now! In the West Midlands, UK.

.... if you’ve ever thought “I could never remember all that”, if you’ve ever worried about standing up in front of an audience to speak, then this could be just the course for you. By the end of the weekend you’ll have a traditional story under your belt, gained confidence in speaking in front of others and go away with some hot tips on how best to tell a story. All this will take place in a supportive atmosphere with plenty of fun to allow you to unfold your natural creativity and begin storytelling now!

This weekend will be an introduction into the art of storytelling from the heart. How to connect with your story and speak from memory, you will learn the skills necessary to begin your storytelling journey. We will look at how to open the door to your imagination in a fun and supportive environment. At the end of the weekend, you will have learnt a traditional story to tell, and will have made connections to other fledgling storytellers. 

This course is offered on a GIFT ECONOMY basis: pay what you can afford to pay for it.
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The 'Begin it Now!' courses, including 'Begin it Now: Specifically for Children' are the recommended first step into Storytelling d other courses at the School. They are a requirement for a number of longer and more intensive coures.

This particular course will be taking place at The Elysia Therapeutic Centre, 2 Bowling Green Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 3RZ


Julie created a safe atmosphere, and lead discussions which brought the stories alive for us. It was fascinating to see how everybody told the story in their own amazing way - it was very confidence building to tell and to listen. I particularly appreciated how attentively Julie listened to each person. I’ve come away nourished by the weekend, and with practical tools so I know I can delve into any story and tell it more effectively now.
- Vickie Barber,  2017.