The International
School of Storytelling

In a Land Far Far Away....

Awaken your inner storyteller and discover the joy of using stories to inspire, educate and engage children of all ages.

Folk tales, wonder tales and myths from ancient cultures speak to each and every one of us on a deep and meaningful level. Telling these stories to children at the right time of their development awakens wonder and imagination. When you spin golden tales for children through this ancient and magical art, you offer them true soul nourishment on their journey through childhood, surrounding them with rich and vibrant language.
The ancient art of storytelling is accessible to all ages and abilities. No special equipment beyond your own imagination and the power of speaking is needed to create images in the minds of your listeners. As a learning tool, storytelling can encourage children to explore their own expressiveness and to communicate thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment. In our fast-paced world of mass media, storytelling can be a nurturing way to remind children that the spoken word is powerful, that listening is important, and that warm communication between people is an art.

In this 5 day practical course, we will have an introduction on how to tell age appropriate tales that fire the imagination of the child. You will discover how to engage and educate your young audience through listening to stories and in telling of their own stories.

Our days will start with singing, speech exercises, childrens games and a session on a particular stage of child development, looking at indications given to us through Steiner Waldorf Education and the National Curriculum. You will discover which stories offer the most enrichment for each age and why. Through group work, and experiential learning you will find your confidence and your voice to use storytelling as a powerful tool in your work with children.

Afternoons will be spent learning storytelling skills, practising and crafting stories to be told in your own particular way, in your own authentic style.  You will leave with several stories under your belt and the confidence to tell them.


It is possible to book accommodation and meals at Emerson College during your course. Please do so directly with them by using their online booking system, at the following link Scroll down to find your course and you will be able to find all the options and prices and make a booking. The costs are NOT INCLUDED in our tuition fee.

If you prefer accommodation in the village of Forest Row, (20-25 minute walk), please email for a list of available accommodation

Testimonials from 'A Land Far Far Away' 2016
I embarked on this course wishing to do some professional development in my summer holidays.  I wanted techniques to use when working with children, and confidence in the way I tell my stories.
What I took away from the week was far more than that.  It was a personal journey; it was accessing my vulnerability and understanding that to be a good teacher, I need to understand myself, love myself and feel and believe in everything that I tell (or indeed 'teach') 'my' children.  I came away feeling elated and full of a new found passion as a teacher. 
Julie, our teacher, or indeed nurturer and friend, played a huge part in this realisation, as did the other participants. I'm so glad I signed up for this course and believe it was also very good value for money, considering we had wholesome food and extra evening 'learning' - in the form of watching performances from the other courses and a professional storyteller. An amazing experience - thank you!
- Olivia, Montessori Teacher

As a total beginner to story telling I was nervous, but found this course so welcoming and magical.  The whole week had such an enchanted feel with Julie making the whole group feel at ease. Her way of teaching definitely brought out the very best in everyone; so gentle and encouraging but with such knowledge to impart - a really generous teacher!  I would most definitely recommend and shall be attending future courses that Julie is teaching.
- Caroline, School Counsellor.

Testimonials from 'A Land Far Far Away' 2015

This course gave me even more than I had hoped for. We were introduced to many wonderful practical techniques for story telling with children of different ages using stories from all over the world and given many opportunities to practise telling in a truly warm and supportive environment.  We shared so much fun and play, yet we were all touched at different times by the heart-opening power of some of the stories we encountered. The group has stayed in contact and it’s been inspiring to see how people have blossomed and taken what they received from the experience of ‘A Land Far, Far Away’ back into their own world. We have stayed in touch because our tutor, Julie, lit the way for us, invoking our shared love for the power of story and supporting us to explore it together with her warmth and expertise. In fact I am thinking of doing the course again!
- Jane Gibney UK.

Julie created a warm and welcoming atmosphere where all were accepted and anything was possible! Over the course of a very quick week she continually inspired us to create the most wonderful storytelling space where we all grew as storytellers. Songs, laughter and dancing added to the fun. I would heartily recommend this course to anyone with an interest in developing new skills ... whether seasoned storytellers or just starting out. The food, accommodation and environment of Emerson College was also lovely.
- Betty Skelton (Scottish storyteller)

Testimonials from 2014

I'm not sure what I expected, but what I have gained far exceeds what I could have ever imagined!
- Janine Budd (UK)

I really liked the schedule of the course. The fact it was practical from the start and that we had the opportunity to make it real by sharing it with the children.
It was amazing and absolutely magical.
- Marta Gandini (Italy)

"Thank you Julie and Emerson College for the wonderful opportunity you have given us of learning in such a warm and giving way.
- Carole Mcqueen (Chile)