The International
School of Storytelling

Storytelling and Health Care

This new weeklong course brings together a medical doctor and a storyteller to support health care professionals in developing tools to hold and promote the healing process.

We will explore how we can work with stories and the imagination, and the paradigm shift introduced by quantum physics, to deepen our understanding of human biology and wellbeing.

The physical revolution that started at the beginning of the last century shows us a vibrational melody underneath what we perceive as “reality”. These new findings deeply change our understanding of the human biology and the human being. Many scientific studies seem to echo what ancient spiritual traditions and myths have whispered since the dawn of time: as if “once upon a time” is actually “once, here and now”. What does this means for the healing process?

How can stories help us in “breathing” the new paradigm? What if the healing process belonged to the same dimension that stories come from? In this course we’ll explore some of these new findings in order to develop more tools, as healthcare professionals, in holding and supporting the healing process.

In particular we’ll focus on:

The role of the observer in therapeutic process; How energy, information, and coherence are part of the story; Mirror neuron’s function and peripersonal Space’s influence on our body melody; Morphogenic fields and biophotons as the silent language of the invisible realm.

Peripersonal space – the space that immediately surrounds our body, eg. body parts

Morphogenic field – a biofield generating, and organising, the shape in a living system

Biophotons – light radiations produced by a biological system

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