The International
School of Storytelling

Storytelling Schools

Storytelling Schools is an approach to education where students tell stories and invent stories as a way of learning right across the curriculum. This course will show you how to use this approach to integrate storytelling and story-making into classroom teaching and whole school planning, including the teaching of both literacy and topic content

This course is being offered in partnership with the International School of Storytelling.

It is an opportunity for teachers to learn about a tried and tested approach to education, where students learn the skills of storytelling and storymaking as a spring board for learning. Primary school, Secondary school, and early years' teachers are eligible to attend.

Over the last 10 years the Storytelling School's approach has been adopted by more than 200 settings in England (primary, secondary, and early years), as well as a handful of overseas settings in New Zealand and the Middle East.

The method can be used to teach most curriculum areas, combining the learning of language with the mastery of topic content. Whoever you teach, the course will give you an overall pedagogic model to adapt to your own teaching context.

The overall approach is summarised in "Storytelling Schools Handbook for Teachers" (Smith and Guillain, 2014, Hawthorn Press), which is the recommended text for the course.

The course will cover the main elements of the Storytelling Schools system: teaching children to become storytellers, deepening the story with art and drama, linking the story to writing, innovation, invention, and applications across the curriculum.

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