The International
School of Storytelling

Voice for Performance

An opportunity for beginning and seasoned storytellers to engage in a focused study and practice of voice. This will strengthen and underpin your future work.

A deeper level is honed in your storytelling by giving your voice experience of your whole body to resonate in.  When the images, feelings, and actions of language take occupancy of breath, if your breath can move in myriad places and patterns in your body, then colour, vibrancy, and dynamic movement appear in your language.

There will be group processes and individual coaching.  There will be physical movement practices and voice work.  These will be applied into language.

Please bring a memorized Shakespeare monologue about 12-16 lines long.   You need to be familiar with the text but not have it practiced at all for presentation.  We will work on that.  Please bring a printed copy of your text, pen and paper.

Participants must wear layered clothing that will be warm when working on the floor and comfortable to move freely in.