The International
School of Storytelling

Word dancing

An introduction to story and the Drut’syla technique

An introduction to story for beginners and those interested in learning about the Drut’syla technique. In this workshop we will look at narrative as a three -dimensional art. A world of story, a world of landscape. A drut’syla, is the teller of a story-lattice woven over centuries by the Jewish communities. To create objects of wonder a carpenter must learn about the nature of wood, a silversmith about the nature of silver. This course will introduce you to the nature of story, and how we can create whole worlds with the words on our tongue alone to evoke an image in another's eye. This course is not about learning performance skills, it is an introduction to how we can work with language so that it becomes a dance, and how we can find the very heartbeat of a story so that it lives in us, whatever our creative medium.

Artists, sculptors, writers, poets, teachers, library staff anyone with an interest in story and narrative; Welcome! The only experience required is an interest in narrative and story.

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