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SPAIN: Healing Words : The Creative Power of the Imagination

This course explores various ways of working with the imagination as a pathway to individual, social, and environmental healing and will inspire us to practice Storytelling as a way to ‘speak into action’; supporting the creative changes we wish to see in the world. In 2017 ‘Healing Words’ will take place at the La Laguna Centre, Southern Spain.

‘The words we speak become the house we live in’, writes the Sufi master Hafiz (13th century). Still today magicians all over the world speak the ancient formula ABRA KADABRA which originated in Hebrew as Evra Kaadabera, meaning ‘I shall create as I speak’. Once spoken, words are active powers in the world; they can create, destroy and heal.

Way before anyone imagined the first T.V set, the call for storytellers and bards, prophets and poets was always to Tell-a-Vision, to provide the community, through a live encounter, with images and imaginations that can give direction, entertain, provoke and reconcile. Imagination is a key to the invisible realm from which everything possible can be born. Coupled with clear intention it becomes a spiritual capacity which can be developed to perceive and communicate with creative forces available for us in this realm.

Over the course of three weeks, as we deepen our experience of the healing power of the imagination, we will also explore the question 'what is the nature of healing?' in a shared heart space. 

We will practice both in the classroom and outside surrounded by beautiful nature. Through playful and profound storytelling exercises, meditative and artistic explorations, we will cultivate our imagination and open doors to fresh new ways of seeing, learning and finding meaning.

Join us and use the gift of your voice, speaking truly, freely and responsibly to create stories that unite, inspire, encourage and heal.

Course Tuition and Application

This course is open BY APPLICATION ONLY and is for people who have some previous storytelling experience.
To apply, please fill in this booking form, and email completed form to

Tuition cost £1060 (30% deposit, full payment due one month before start of course)
Earlybird cost £960 (30% deposit, full payment by 1st May 2017)
Earlybird applications deadline: 15th March 2017

Places are limited so apply early to avoid disappointment.

Accommodation and Meals (at La Laguna Bolonia, Andalucia, Spain)

This year Karmit and Roi will be offering ‘Healing Words’ in Southern Spain at the beautiful La Laguna Centre in the village of Betis, a remote location in the mountains near the shores of the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a 10 minute drive to the nearest town (Tarifa), where there are many shops, bars, and restaurants.

Please do not book accomodation until you have received your course application confirmation.

La Laguna offers 11 single rooms and three more in the village (roughly 10 minute walking distance). Rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please note that the rooms are simple, rustic, and basic, like they are in the countryside in Southern Spain, and bathroom facilities are shared between participants.
*If anyone wishes to share a room, we can offer up to 4 places with the reduced price of €35 per night.

Full board and accommodation is €50 per night and is paid directly to La Laguna Centre. Once your place is confirmed please download a booking form from the website and email to
There are further details about how to get to the venue and how to make payment for the accommodation and meals on the accommodation booking form.

MEALS - are all vegetarian
FLIGHTS - the nearest airports are Gibraltar (1 hour away) and Malaga (2 hours away)

How to get to La Laguna
The retreat is in the village of Betis, near the town of Tarifa. Participants are invited to arrive by bus to Tarifa and can be picked up from the bus stations.



For me the course was an intensive retreat - a three-week break from the so-called 'real world' to embark upon a once in a lifetime adventure. I joined a group of strangers who became family and will remain in my heart forever. We journeyed on a group enquiry into the relationship between Healing and the Imagination. We listened deeply to each other and to the natural world, hearing the 'voice behind' and telling stories of what we saw and heard. We danced and sang and ate together. We bridged the silly and the profound. We lost our way and remembered again together. We created rituals for each other and crossed many thresholds. Our leaders invited us to take a cosy seat with them at the edge of their understanding, and saw that we were brave enough to do so. It was a time of great bounty.

As a man, the course offered me the precious opportunity to reclaim my right to dream, and to remember that the imagination is an essential tool for my life and work. I would encourage men of all backgrounds, ages and level of storytelling experience to take the time out to attend any course in this transformative environment. Liam Hurley, UK

There are opportunities in life that have the potential to touch you to the core and propel you forward in the best possible way. Healing Words was one of these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for me. I joined the first edition of this gathering and - as a lover of depth and going to the essence - immediately felt a sense of belonging.

Every day of the course was filled with meaning, inspiration, and heartfelt connection. We connected to each other, to our stories, and to the mystical realm of imagination. We connected to the community, the invisible worlds and the nature around us.
During our journey, the space was delicately held by Roi and Karmit, with the wisdom and care that was needed for us, participants, to be able to look within, authentically open up, and travel deep.

Both individually and together we explored our aches, hopes, and dreams. We practised deep listening and inspired storytelling. We provided space for what needed healing. We looked into what our unique contributions to this world could look like and started to give them shape. I felt safe, seen and at home. I laughed, cried, sang, danced, and met friends that still mean the world to me. It was transformative, and nourishing on all levels.

Today, more than two years later, I look back with nothing but gratitude. I feel blessed for all that we learned and shared together as a group, as well as for the symbolic re-birth I was able to gift myself on the last day of our time together, in the form of a healing story. It enabled me to start a new chapter in life, and it gave me a deeper understanding of what my contribution to this world can be.

If you feel the call in your heart to join this unique opportunity, my wish for you is that you answer it, and unwrap the gift it holds for you. I'm still unwrapping mine. Lien Van Laere, Belgium