The International
School of Storytelling


“It was indeed a wonderful weekend, I suspect many of us arrived with a certain amount of trepidation as to what we would find and left with more to take away than we could ever imagine possible after only two days. 
A big thank you to Roi and Stella for their skills and expertise in facilitating and nurturing the creative connection between us and creating  as safe place in the story telling hut for that magic to happen. Playing and laughing together seemed to be very fundamental to this process of opening up and exploring our creativity.....and of course the candle burned brightly all weekend allowing light to sparkle in our souls.
Thank you to each of you for our time together, what happened between us as we shared our stories both imaginary and from our real lives was a rich and affirming experience.
And that is just the beginning of our journey as story tellers ...... it is exciting to think what paths it might take us on and who we meet on the way. 
With many Ho's”  
                    Lizzie Chittleboro, UK.     Begin it Now, March 2015

"Thanks to the courses I have taken in the School of Storytelling I now work as a tour guide at Shakespeare's Globe, where I also tell stories there during half-term and Christmas holidays.  I also now tell stories at my Yoga Teacher Training School. Being a storyteller and having the skill set given to me by The School of Storytelling has given my life focus and direction  All the courses were fabulous, a tremendous journey of self-discovery, with enough guidance to learn,enough support to make mistakes and enough freedom to fly."

- Jessica Pointon


"As a speaker I know the importance of storytelling and a speaker friend of mine had thoroughly recommended the storytelling courses at Emerson. I was not disappointed! This course added a whole new dimension to my stories but more importantly it showed me how to use my voice to move my audience emotionally. My crowning glory was after 2 weeks being able to move my audience to tears – for the right reasons! I thoroughly recommend this course to experienced speakers as well as anyone serious about becoming a professional speaker."

- Richard White
Author of ‘The Accidental Salesman Networking Survival Guide’


"My first course at The School of Storytelling was about four years ago. As a tutor at a university – a competitive environment where a lot of the emphasis is on individual achievement – I found the methods of teaching a revelation. The approach was playful and always encouraging; sessions were broken up by singing and games and movement, and at first I felt it was all a little too laid back. But slowly I started to see the results in myself and others, and began to introduce this more relaxed, playful approach into my own teaching. There was an immediate shift in the students’ attitudes to learning: they became less competitive and more supportive of each other, and in this new relaxed atmosphere they were more willing to experiment and risk getting it wrong. It was a huge stimulus to creativity."


"All The School of Storytelling tutors are, without exception, inspired and inspiring and I always learn something valuable, although it is not always what I expect. The depth of the work can bring up old patterns and stories and this is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile. I can honestly say that attending the School of Storytelling has provided me with many of the gifts my childhood lacked, and that as a result I am a more rounded and happier person. In addition to my creative writing teaching I now help to run a storytelling club in Sussex and run community-based and corporate storytelling courses in the UK and in India. At an age when I expected to be winding down, storytelling has brought a new richness to my life and work. I would never have had the courage to do this before your courses so thank you to all of you for your inspiring teaching. And by the way, Jared (my son) is just about to become a student on one of your courses."

- Umi Sinha

"I really enjoyed working with Sue, she was wonderfully positive and worked with the pace and variety of the group. We had good balance between simple and large group work.Alice Lewthwaite. Brilliant  framework offered  to remember stories  really  helpful.  All warm-ups, everything such  fun!!  Thank you Sue, will definitely book more!"

- Tess Miller


"The Body Work we did was excellent and challenging. It had miraculous results for the whole group and for each of us individually."

- Stella Kassimati


"I’ve just got home from the fantastic two weeks course about Body, Voice and Skills of the Storyteller. It was no less than amazing, and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to build on to the Now.. Having been so much on my back, rolling on the floor, twisting the tongue etc, I have a new feeling of the backspace, and finally I had a great experience of setting boundaries. Thanks for that Ashley! I’m really taking that home with me."

- Marianne Christensen


"I thought it was good that we had the opportunity to go into the local school to tell to the children. It really helped inform the theory and build confidence.I appreciated the obvious time, care and research that went into the content of the course. It was well held."

- Francesca.


"I enjoyed the sense of camaraderie of a small group of tellers supporting each other ‘out in the world.’"

- Andrew


"I have very much enjoyed this course. I find standing in front of people really scary but Roi and the group have been really supportive. I have learnt agreat deal about stories, how to work with them, play with them and share them. It has helped me appreciate the importance of stories in human development throughout history. Roi is a fantastic tutor who takes the work seriously and playfully, his love for stories is contagious! I feel very fortunate for having been able to have this experience."

- Veronica


" I've just finished my first paid gig at Marwell Zoo which was a straight 9 days, with 5 half hour performances per day telling scary tales inside a haunted maze. It was so much fun and I learnt a huge amount from the experience. I mention this because I wanted to you to know that I took with me a deep understanding of fear and overcoming fear from the Courage to Love course which helped me select and tell stories with a sensitivity and sense of responsibility I would not have had otherwise. The outcome was lots of very positive feedback and children who faced and over came their fears in a safe and considered environment. I couldn't have done that without such compassionate teaching, thank you."

- Belinda Mckenna (The courage to love course 2010)


"I enjoyed the Storytelling Hut and the pace of the course, I liked the feedback given by Roi and the gentle, peaceful setting of Emerson College."

- Marie