The International
School of Storytelling

Stella Kassimati


Stella is a bi-lingual, award-winning storyteller and a facilitator of workshops. She has a deep knowledge of Greek myths.

Stella’s family is in Crete; however her passion for storytelling took her to England in 2002 to train as a professional storyteller at the International School of Storytelling at Emerson College, East Sussex. She now works around the world in both Greek and English and has represented Greece at International Storytelling Festivals in Edinburgh, Orkney, Rome, Athens and Kea. She has performed in Holland and Belgium. Her academic qualifications include BA Sociology and PostGradDip Tourism.

All the wonderful vitality and variety of human experience and essence of momentous events are encapsulated in the timeless mythology of Ancient Greece, the Cradle of Western Civilization. Ancient Greek culture and Greek myths is at the heart of western knowledge. It informed and continues to inform Western culture and thought and offers insights into our routes; into who we are; where we started and how we have developed. With Greek myths we gain reconnection to fundamental human values; deeper understanding of our lives and paths; recognition of the energies of the gods and goddesses within us; and insight into the routes of western civilization. We embrace the legacy of Ancient Greece “Know thyself” as we strive to know who we are; what we have come here to do and the deeper meaning of life. 

Stella, in following her passion, is carrying a new stream of Greek Mythology at the International School of Storytelling. People interested in Greek Myths, will be able to follow the energies of gods and goddesses and many major myths that have influenced and shaped our western culture and civilization and are relevant to us today.

Stella is the founding  Director of Friends of Amari, an international association contributing to the revival of the Valley and Village of Amari in Crete, through the art of storytelling: International Storytelling Centre; Courses; Festivals and by supporting local cultural initiatives.