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Ashley Ramsden -

Roi Gal-Or -

Gate to Humanity - An Educational Communal Centre in the Galilee, Israel -

Jiser el Adam - A peace project for young people in the holy land -

Society for Storytelling :

Clowns Without Borders South Africa –

Friends of Amari -

Yellowfishdesign -

Emerson College - 

Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship -

Biography and Social Develoment Trust -


Festival at the Edge - FATE

Nancy Mellon’s work

Helen Chadwick -

Louise Coigley -

            Storytelling Resources


The Story Museum:

Storytellers of Canada - Storysave:

Source for old English texts including Beowulf, Caedmon:

The Healing Story Alliance:

Story Arts, on line:

Story books:'Greece'

The Hasidic Stories:

The Internet Sacred Text Archive:


Story lovers: SOS = searching out stories


Tales online:


Read classic books on line:




University of Pittsburgh project:


Grimm in six languages! Alas not in Greek:


Link to creation myths from everywhere except Ancient Greece!:


International Folktale Collection: 


Teaching Tales: 


The World of Tales: 


The Story - biblical:


Margaret Read Macdonald: 


International Folktale collection:


Amnon Buchbinder's 'Biology of Story' Website:


Tree Stories:$FILE/fcms128.pdf


Arabian nights:


Free e-books:


Short stories:


Fairytales of the World:


Healing Stories:


Historical Children's Literature: 


Fairytales collection:


More English Fairytales:


Articles on various uses of storytelling


Oral recordings of traditional stories from Scotland  




Ancient Greek Music


Bible stories from a woman's perspective


Early recordings of Scots travellers


Archive of storytelling videos


A hundred Hungarian Folktales

The school of storytelling
The school of storytelling
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