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How we work

Methods of teaching storytelling

All our courses are practical which means that right from the start you'll be working on stories with a partner, sharing them in small groups and eventually larger groups.  The classes are small with lots of personal attention to make sure you're on track and most importantly of all, they're fun! We use all kinds of playful exercises to create a group environment in which you will feel safe to be seen and which will help bring out your creativity and encourage you to develop your storytelling skills. Some of the longer, more advanced courses include personal coaching and telling stories in front of live audiences.

However, most of our students say that two things make a course with us something special. The first thing is that we are totally committed to the personal development of each student and help them to uncover their own authentic voice with which to speak out into the world. The second is that we work with storytelling as a path of inner development and this means that the stories themselves are the most important teachers of all - after all, they have been around far longer than we have and are carriers of deep wisdom. Often, if we are willing to let some story magic in, the story we are currently working on can shed light on a problem we are facing in our lives and help us develop. It is in this way that storytelling can become not just entertainment but an inner path as well. And because stories are found in all countries and all spiritual traditions, we draw our inspiration from the oral tradition of all world religions, the sages and poets as well as from the insights of  Anthroposophy.

People who have studied and trained with us have gone on to work with storytelling not only as performers but also in the fields of healing, teaching, the environment, and business.

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