The International
School of Storytelling

Ashley Ramsden

Ashley Ramsden established the School of Storytelling in 1994 under the umbrella of Emerson College. He co-founded the International School of Storytelling in 2011.

Ashley's unique methods of teaching voice and the skills of the storyteller have received international acclaim. He runs workshops, tours with his one-man-shows including A Christmas Carol, The Amazing Adventures of the Hodja Nasrud’din, and Tistou of the Green Thumbs amongst others and is a speaker of sacred poetry. He has been touring recently with wife Flora, focussing on T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets and is back from a period of refreshment with a host of workshops and new ideas.


Review of Storytelling workshop with Ashley Ramsden
Imagine if you will that you are sitting in a circle with new acquaintances, waiting for a storytelling workshop to begin, and in walks a man with dancing, blue, gentle eyes, (eyes with a twinkling of mischief), wild wispy hair blowing around (although there is no wind) a long, lanky, agile body, big hands and pointy red leather elf shoes. This man paces about a bit, rubbing his hands together and it looks as though perhaps he is ready to do a jig, and all the while he has a grin on his face as though he has eaten something very tasty indeed. He then tilts his head and asks in a birdlike way why each of us has come to this workshop. And then he listens, not only with his ears, but with his heart, and after a brief quiet pondering he tells a story which he has caught by weaving the spiritual and physical streams together in a soulful and playful gesture of compassion for each person- a healing story for each individual and for the group. Thus begins the workshop. Ashley let us experience his gifts and find our own through games, storytelling, even walking around like penguins to break the ice. The workshop was fun and relaxed and I left with several stories to tell, new friendships, and much inspiration. Once upon a time Ashley Ramsden embodied the magic of storytelling and we all lived happily ever after.