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Latest Issue: February 2014

2013 was the year the word "Selfie" was officially added to Oxford dictionaries and named by them as ‘word of the year’ after research suggested its frequency in the English language had increased by 17,000% in 2012.

Selfie -noun (plural selfies): A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

Much was said already about ‘selfie’ mirroring a ‘culture of narcissism’ so I will (read more...)


Previous Newsletters

No 12: October 2013

Up until last year I had been running story retreats for women for a long time and really enjoyed the experience of spending time with a group of vibrant, passionate and interested women, all of whom are actively working on what it means to be a woman in the world today and how we can bring balance to the masculine and feminine inside ourselves. But then, like all the best colleagues, Roi issued me a challenge: “why aren't you doing this work with men? Men need this too.” (read more...)

No 11: June 2013

When a baby is born, the first question is usually “Is it a boy or a girl?” The answer determines a lot about that baby's life: not just how long it will live or how much it will earn (which it does) but also, depending on where the child is born, how much freedom to speak, work or travel it will have, how well listened to it will be, how respected, how likely to love its body or not, how assertive or passive it is allowed to be. When we read the reports from child psychologists that show that little girls are most often

No 10: March 2013

Any human life and biographical journey on this earth may feel at times like riding a giant roller-coaster swinging between opposite experiences in a funfair of events and possibilities.

Listening to autobiographical stories of people I meet in my work I never stop marvelling at the vastness of the creative source from which come to life countless individual stories. This infinite source of narratives, possibilities and variations expresses itself in 'real life' with even more imaginative story plots than those we find in traditional 'fictional' wonder tales. (read more...)


‘What made you become a Storyteller?’ I always pause before answering, ....

In this newsletter, you’ll find echoes of this question in Raphael Rodin’s work with Meeting the Other and Karmit Even-Zur’s listening to the stories that the Earth seems to need at this time. It was also these thoughts that led us to invite the award winning Nigerian author Ben Okri to give a keynote speech at a special gathering of storytellers ‘Everything Under the Sun’ that we are planning in August (read more...)

No 8: October  2012

What effect has nature on us? Sue tells us about her experiences. How we struggle with the UK government, a new initiative to support more students (read more...)

No 7: June 2012

How do we work with modern Technology? How YOU can help us raise funds and an update from the Festival in Israel where Ashley and Raphael worked with Storytelling in service of peaceful co-existence between different cultures (read more...)


No 6: March 2012

Welcome to our Spring newsletter. Three articles await you: first, the story behind Your Journey, Your Voice which will run again in May; then a much awaited article from Louise Coigley and her inspiring work as a storyteller/ Speech and Language therapist; and lastly, hot from Capetown, an action packed report on our five week course The Storyteller in the Community (read more...)


No 5: January 2012

 In the Belly of a Whale in New Zealand, and stargazing opening eyes to peace work in Sweden (read more...)


No 4: October 2011

Who do your words serve? Plus an update from Sue in South Africa, and adventures in a Somerset library (read more...)


No 3: August 2011

Ashley in Salisbury Cathedral with his premiere of "Where Two Worlds Touch", and Roi in St Paul's (read more...)


No 2: April 2011

 Sheep and bees in News Zealand; the story behing Chartres Cathedral and nurturing the imagination of childhood with The Right Story At The Right Time (read more...)




No 1: January 2011

Seeds and Fruit, reflections on 13 weeks with the School of Storytelling and the inside story on Healing Words (read more...)