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School of Storytelling

Once Upon a Lifetime - The meeting place of personal and traditional wonder tales

The classic old Wonder Tales hold mysterious powers and wisdom which help them endure the rise and fall of nations and address the souls of people today as much as they did many hundreds of years ago.

Our own biographies are full of the stuff these great stories are made of: the quest to find meaning, wisdom or love, written day by day as we journey through the joys and sorrows of life.

Just as in wonder tales, we are called to overcome obstacles in the form of earthly trials and challenges, at times feeling as lonely as those maidens locked in a tower. Sometimes we meet helpers who seem to come at the time we most need them and in the most surprising and unexpected forms. And if we are lucky, we may even survive and live to tell the tale…

In this 2 week course, alongside working with traditional wonder tales from around the world, we will also work to craft our own personal stories so that what is universal and archetypal in them can be shared as gifts with our listeners. This journey will open our eyes to freshly seeing and honouring the magic and wonder present in our own life. It will inspire and give insight to finding new meaning in our daily experiences and in the ‘old stories’ (including the most challenging ones…)

If you are interested in performing stories you will be introduced to an artistic, creative and powerful way of weaving together traditional and personal stories into one performance.

The weekend will be free from Friday 12.30pm till Monday 8.30am and some homework will be given for the weekend.

The course is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced storytellers.

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