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Earth Speakers - Earth Keepers

Geomancy is an art and a science that teaches us to read the subtle layers of the land. Through the 'geomantic lenses' we can experience an inter-relationship and inter-communication within all living systems. We can meet our planet Earth as a conscious entity full of life and stories.

 When we pay attention to these stories, we open ourselves to a communication that incorporates our intuitive knowing with our rational mind. We begin to make sense of what our instincts, our senses and our heart is telling us. We find ourselves in the same territory and consciousness we find in Wonder Tales, where the invisible becomes tangible, where the inner becomes the visible landscape outside us and where the nature of nature comes to life in a form that resonates with and speaks directly to our soul.

In this course, by developing our capacity to listen to the story of a place, we will experience different types of elemental consciousness and work with archetypal and creative forces of nature. Through energy work and storytelling exercises we will explore our capacity to bring balance and harmony within a landscape. As we discover our role and connection to the Earth we will practise lending our voices to the land. Speaking, sounding and giving birth to the new stories and myths of these unfolding times – times of connective, creative and collaborative relationship with the Earth and all her beings.

Come and join us in creating a playful and safe environment in which you can explore your subtle perceptions and have the space and permission to enter the mystery and to love it! 

We welcome on this journey all those who love and care for nature and the future of the Earth, parents, teachers, walkers, environmentalists and storytellers who are searching for some good and important stories to serve. 


It seems that nature has been, for a long time, trying to get our attention, for she has a story to tell. It is a tale of wonder, a tale of woe, a tale of glory, of beauty and adventure beyond the imagination. But to hear this tale is a journey in itself.

The course took 14 experienced and new storytellers on this journey. Deeper and deeper into the heart of the earth, into the heart of ourselves, so that we can listen, hear this tale and deliver it back. In these changing times we find ourselves in, there has never been a greater need for this story to be told and for this story to be heard.

The course is a beautiful combination of geomancy (earth divination) with Karmit and storytelling with Roi. It is not like any other storytelling course on offer, it is something quite other. Allowing us participants an opportunity to deliciously slow right down, and allow our intuitive self to step forward and simply listen, on a deeper level than ever before.

Outside, opening up all our senses and working very much from the place of the heart, we approached spaces in nature, and I have to say it was quite incredible what comes through, when you balance the logical, rational thinking self, with completely opening, sensing and using your intuition. It was liberating. Using movement, sound and words, we embodied nature, allowing her to speak to us and through us. We wove beautiful poetry and stories, that took us on journeys, much like the Wonder Tales themselves.

Inside, guided by Karmit, we journeyed deep into the earth, to meet with Gaia, collecting and entwining our journeys into stories to provide a collective essence of what we had experienced.

The course was very much a course of the 'heart', for this is the place we would spend most of our time working from, because it is the energy of the heart that allows the channels to open and connect us to nature, allowing the story to simply unfold.

Katie Jones (participant  in 2013)

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