The International
School of Storytelling

In a Land Beyond

"In a Land Beyond Is a follow on course from "A Land Far Far Away" for those who wish to create and use stories with a purpose beyond entertainment or education. In this week long course we will look in-depth at how working with children through stories can provide guidance, insight and profound healing. Helping children to cope through story when the world around them can sometimes seem overwhelming."

Using previous skills learnt in storytelling for children, we will take the work deeper in 'A Land Beyond'.  Knowledge of myth, wonder tale and legend will enable us to look behind the archetypes in the stories to find what is the deeper message that has survived the passages of time.  How can these messages help and heal the children of today as they struggle to make sense of a sometimes terrifying and confusing world.

We will be using exercises to stimulate our innate creativity and imaginative capacities to create and work with stories that will help children make sense of their own world and their inner narratives. By living in and working with  metaphor, rhythm and the storytellers openness, we will explore how through a connection to a child or group of children, real healing and support is possible.

I welcome all who feel a desire to take their storytelling with children to a level of deep understanding and to use stories to make a real difference.

Suitable for those who have previously completed storytelling for children courses at The International School of Storytelling (Land Far Far Away or Re-Storying Childhood or Right Story at the Right Time)

It is possible to book accommodation and meals at Emerson College during your course. Please do so directly with them by using their online booking system, at the following link Scroll down to find your course and you will be able to find all the options and prices and make a booking. The costs are NOT INCLUDED in our tuition fee.

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