The International
School of Storytelling

Spontaneous Storytelling

How can we prepare for spontaneous storytelling? When and where are spontaneous stories shared and what happens if we dry up or we just don’t feel our stories are good enough?

There is an endless stream of stories, they are everywhere, coming to us on the breeze, from the sea, from grandmother earth and as we sit together around the fire. If we stop for a moment and trust will we hear them, calling to our senses?

During this weekend we will explore spontaneous storytelling, how to create stories from our imaginations and our environments, playing with the tales that whisper in our ear, as we gather together to enjoy those which will arrive during our time together.

This course is suited to anyone who loves telling and sharing stories. Performers, people involved in public speaking, teachers, care workers, managers, parents and grandparents....

No previous storytelling experience is needed, Just an open heart, an inquiring mind and listening ears!

This course is offered on a GIFT ECONOMY basis: pay what you can afford to pay for it:
We hope that this will help bring our work to people who cannot usually afford to pay the standard course fees.

This is how the Gift Economy works: The standard course fee is £166 - if you are able to pay more than the standard fee you will help support the work of the Charity. If on the other hand you are unable to pay the full fee then you pay what you are able to afford. 

You can only pay the standard fee on the website so if you would like to pay a lower or higher amount please email stating the amount you would like to pay.  

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