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School of Storytelling

The Storyteller at Play

The Storyteller at Play is a weekend to bring more creativity to your storytelling and life as a whole. If your wells of joy are running dry, if life is getting just a little too serious then treat yourself (or someone else) to a space for spontaneity, laughter, and ingenuity.

Learning to take ourselves more lightly is a life skill that is invaluable to storyteller: inevitably things don't alwaysgo as we plan, but inside the "mistakes" we make, there is a lot of space for creativity and laughter. If spontaneity is not your thing then this will be the forbidden door you always wanted to open. If that's your world already, come take it further.

Together we will explore bananas under foot, the creation of new games and the rediscovery of wonder in the simplest of things.

For this workshop bring something that was special to you in your childhood (real or imaginary), a short traditional or personal story that you know well, and the playful self that you may have all too often neglected. This course is open to all, no storytelling experience necessary.

Accommodation at Emerson College

The cost of accomodation and meals are NOT included in our workshop fee. There is plenty of accomodation in Forest Row to suit all pockets, or it may be possible to book accomodation or to camp at Emerson College during your course. You can also book meals. Please book with Emerson directly using their online booking system: . Click the heading BOOK NOW, scroll down to find your course and you will find the availability, options, and prices for the weekend. You can also call Emerson for a list of local accomodation +44 (0) 1342 822 238.

If you have any questions about our courses or a problem with booking, please contact

In July of 2011, I was blessed to attend your "Storyteller at Play", workshop. I was studying my PGCE at the time; preparing to start work as a primary school teacher the following year. Now, after having worked for three years as a Grade 6 Class Teacher, I can say without a doubt, that your course had a more profound impact on my subsequent classroom practice than any other educational experience prior. I have savoured the stories and games we worked through - weaving them into the everyday realiities of my classroom. Slipping them behind the necessities of Maths, Science, and all other subjects. These stories enliven my classroom and we are so grateful for their presence. John Naiker.