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School of Storytelling

Next Step - Working With Colour

Storytelling is about here and now. Every time a storyteller tells a story, magic is created. How can you create and renew this pathos, tension, and engagement every time you share your favourite story, you address your audience, or you teach your students?

"This Next Step" unlocks the secrets of the magic power of storytelling by working with colours. The "colour method" is a playful and inspiring way to work with superior storytelling skills while boosting your imagination.

The course will feature daily personal coaching sessions.

As a part of the course, participants need to come with a story they love and know and would like to work with. Previous storytelling skills or Begin It Now! are required.

Places on this course are limited to 10 participants so book early to avoid disappointment. 

Accommodation at Emerson College

It is possible to book accommodation and meals at Emerson College during your course. Please do so directly with them by using their online booking system, at the following link Scroll down to find your course and you will be able to find all the options and prices and make a booking. The costs are NOT INCLUDED in our tuition fee.

If you prefer accommodation in the village of Forest Row, (20-25 minute walk), please email  for a list of available accommodation.

This course is offered on a GIFT ECONOMY basis: pay what you can afford to pay for it. Please email for more info.