The International
School of Storytelling

Two’s Company! An introduction to puppetry for storytelling

A playful and fun introduction to puppetry and puppet making as tools for creative storytelling.

Puppetry is an ancient art form with deep connections to the world of storytelling. A puppet can be a gateway in to the world of story, and a bridge between the storyteller and the audience.

This introductory course will combine elements of simple puppet making and of performing with puppets as a storyteller. The course is open to anyone who is curious about working with puppets and story, though it has been designed particularly with those in mind who are interested in telling stories for children.

Whether you are bringing stories in to your home, to a school, library, nature park or other setting, sometimes it’s good to have company when you meet your audience!

In our highly visual culture, where we are often bombarded with fast and complex images on screens, the direct simplicity of a little puppet beckoning us in to the world of an orally told story can be surprisingly effective. Suddenly, we lean in closer. It’s enough to arouse our curiosity, whilst leaving us open to imagine the rest for ourselves.  

During the Friday evening and the first Saturday morning session, each participant will be guided to make a simple puppet using dry felting techniques. No previous craft experience is necessary, just a willingness to engage with the materials and learn as you go.

The rest of the Saturday will be spent getting to know our puppets and bringing them to life with a view to incorporating them in simple ways in the stories that we tell.  As we will discover together, there is plenty of fun to be had in exploring how a puppet can interact with the story, the teller, and with the audience!

You will come away with some basic puppetry skills, a unique hand crafted puppet of your own, and lots of ideas and suggestions on how to incorporate puppetry in to your own story work and play in the future.

Participants are invited to bring a short traditional story that they would like to tell with the aid of a puppet to be used as a starting point. Alternatively, you are welcome to come with no story in mind at all and just see what emerges when you start making!

Bronia Evers is a storyteller and a puppeteer. She is also a designer and maker of puppets, props and miniature story worlds.

In 2006, she cofounded the storytelling and puppetry company One Moment In Time Theatre with her colleague Gerry Spiller. Since then Bronia has been telling stories in schools, libraries, theatres, and at festivals around Britain, both independently and with One Moment In Time. You can read more about her work here:

Bronia trained in puppetry at the Little Angel Theatre in London, after graduating with a BA in Theatre and English Literature from the University of Warwick. Her love of language and traditional tales later led her on to train as a storyteller at The International School of Storytelling. Through playing with puppetry and storytelling as collaborating art forms, Bronia’s work continues to explore the ways in which spoken language and visual imagery can combine to offer the audience a bridge in to the world of story.

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Testimonials from 2016

“Thank you. For a wonderful, gentle intro to puppet-making. 

Although I did occasionally feel a bit daunted by the fact that I am a newbie to this, I also felt encouraged and inspired by you and the was a wonderful cooperative, supportive environment. I so appreciate you, your expertise and kind, warm delivery. I feel nourished by what we did and how we did it. I can hardly believe I achieved so much in only 1 day!”  Felicity Lamb, UK